I Do Not Do...


  • Medieval/historical
  • Most fanfictions (I can't think of any I will do, actually)
  • Animal roleplays



As I recently redid my site, I somehow foolishly managed to save every page except my genres. Due to this, the new lists are very short. Please suggest to help me rebuild my Genres.  

Current Cravings

  • M/M
  • Mix&Match : definition. You and I discuss possible character ideas. We think about possible careers for said characters that might mesh well - or rather, mesh horribly, creating interesting dynamics. 
  • Military : see category below
  • Quasi-futuristic
  • Quasi-modern

General Modern

  • Country x City
  • Older x Younger 
  • Affair
  • Sports x Journalist
  • Love triangle
  • Bodyguard x Charge
  • To be added on 


I have a particular liking of soldier characters, so they're getting their own little block here.

  • Soldier x Prostitute
  • Soldier x Superior
  • Soldier x Soldier
  • Soldier x Significant Other
  • Soldier x Stranger
  • Soldier x Therapist
  • Support a Soldier Letters (not particularly interested at the moment)
  • To be added on

Fantasy & Paranormal

  • Werewolves
  • Demons
  • Shape shifters
  • Vampires
  • Angels
  • Ghosts
  • Telepathics
  • FBI Paranormal division (Not particularly interested at the moment)
  • Imaginary friend 
  • To be added on