Last updated on November 15th, 2013. 

Welcome. As I'm sure you've noticed, this site is arranged a bit differently from the typical freewebs roleplaying pages. I will try to make your stay here as brief and as pleasant as possible. 

Also, whether or not you choose to contact me, please take a moment and leave a witty signature in my guestbook - the link above labeled John Hancock. It brightens my day. 

I prefer roleplaying over AIM. You might convince me to consider a roleplay over email or another source, but AIM will always be my favorite.  

About Me

  • Name: Mercedes (AKA Pijjen)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Take a guess. You win a prize if you get it right. 
  • Timezone: Alaska standard (neopets -1)
  • Flaws: Occasionally slow to post; Bad memory; Low tolerance for nagging;
  • Strengths: Plots/twists up sleeve; Versatile writer; New intro/characters for every roleplay; Normally flexible schedule; Nearly no limits;

Words to the Wise

I'm going to be frank here. (Actually, I go by Pijjen or Mercedes...) These are the things that you will want to know about me as a roleplayer. You can skip over this entire block if you wish, and skim through the block to the left instead for a brief version. 


  • I play male lead characters. This is non-negotiable, as I simply do not enjoy playing a female lead. 
  • Fade to black or write out the nasty deed? I go both ways. I'll tell you here and now, though... 'He thrusted, she moaned, they rolled over' It gets boring after a while. If you're interested in writing it out, let's write it well. 
  • Violence? Drama? Language? It all depends on the characters, the plots, the genres. I'm happy with it all, though. 
  • I will regularly throw in twists, turns, and plots. I enjoy depth. On that note...  Okay. I'll admit it. I love creating characters with emotional turmoil. I don't just have a character that's always angry... I have a character with reasons to always be angry. 
  • You know how you watch a movie sometimes, and you have to pause because you're tearing up over what's going on? "Oh, the feels! D=" moments... I love those. That's what makes writing fun for me. I want emotional attachment to the characters we create. 
  • You may notice times when I seem to be fading out of the roleplay. This could be caused by one of three things. 

    Life threw half a lemon at my face. 
    Life recently through half a lemon at my face, and I'm having trouble getting back into the character. 
    The roleplay has gotten a bit redundant. 

    If this has happened... I am one of those that if you're a partner I enjoy writing with... I love starting new roleplays. If it gets boring, or one of us has this sudden hankering for something else, or we're just dying to see what would happen if... yeah. I love starting new roleplays after a while. 
  • Please. Please, I beg of you... No medieval. No historical. I prefer modern or futuristic. If you come at me, however, with a plot so epic that even my dog would be on the edge of the seat waiting to see what happened, it's possible you'll convince me. 
  • If you say g__damn all the time... Leave now. If you can avoid this when talking and roleplaying with me, GREAT! If you slip up occasionally, I'll get over it. But that is my one limit. Please, refrain from the use of g__damn. 
  • Character reference pictures? All over that. They're great! I'll send them to you if you want them, or keep them to myself if you don't. I've got tens of thousands saved. 


My Characters

If you've read all the way down to here, you know I only play male characters. 

 HOWEVER! You might not know this. I always use a fresh character. No pre-mades, no pre-written intros. Every intro is made on the spot, tailored to the specific roleplay. Every character is designed just for you. 

This box is more of a shout-out to some of my favorite characters from past roleplays.


  • Diedrick Guntar Blauvelt
  • Lucas Blauvelt
  • Lesley Uriah Justice
  • Edmund Widnaur
  • Cristov Vandermaire
  • Salvatore Scorzi
  • Dreks
  • Augustus Kennedy
  • John Doe
  • Matthew Delmark
  • Luka Delmark
And while we're on the topic of shout-outs, here's a shout-out to some of my all time favorite roleplayers. 
  • Trish
  • Kitten
  • Kaleigh
  • Rhodes
  • Cocoa
  • Ashley
  • Taylor
  • Liz
You guys rock! To anyone who's name wasn't mentioned, please don't take offense! You all rock as well!